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  • Providing knowledgeable consulting and innovative business software since 1994.
  • We provide web based, database driven business applications for a select set of clients.
  • Your applications are designed to ensure you stay competitve, successful, and "growth ready".
  • Web hosting with world-class backup, redundancy and reliablility is available.
  • Applications deployed include:
  • order entry and tracking
  • QuickBooks integration
  • contact management
  • CRM Customer contact via automated Fax and Email
  • secure E-commerce
  • custom "Shopping Carts"
  • password logins for your customers
  • specialized reporting for billing
  • sales tracking
  • P&L
  • Admin panels and self publishing (where you can change your web site without confering with and waiting for a busy webmaster).
  • Backed by 38 years of customer software experience and quality, Internet application development and support since 1994. Been there, done that.
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