Professional Video Production and Event Videography since 1995

We have the experience, equipment, and skills to video your birthday party, retirement bash, wedding or other special event. When our camera persons are on site, you will hardly notice we are there, but we'll catch the little things you missed. One happy customer said, "You're everywhere but we never saw you". You've planned a great event and spent time and money. You should get to enjoy it more than once. And friends or relatives who could not attend will have a video that makes them feel as if they were there.

We use only digital recording and digital editing so the finished show is the highest quality. Our 3-Chip professional cameras capture all the action with better color and sound than a typical consumer camcorder can achieve. If you can't "hear" it, seeing it won't matter. However, our equipment is unobtrusive so you and your guests won't feel like you're on a Hollywood sound stage.

Email us today for a friendly reply. We can answer your questions and give you price estimates. Please briefly describe your event so that we can respond with useful information. If you include the date, number of hours and number of attendees for your event, we can give you several prices and options. If you'd like a phone call back, include your phone number.

A typical cost for a wedding will be $999-$1599. That will include 2 cameras for the ceremony, wireless microphones to catch your vows, music, etc. That also includes the rehearsal and reception. After tasteful editing and a producing a "highlights reel", we author a professional DVD which can be played on any standard DVD player. Extra DVD copies are inexpensive and we can be dubbed to a VHS tape for an additional fee.

Our Birthday party packages start at $299 for a one camera shoot. We'll edit the footage to a DVD and you will have the memories for years to come. For additional fees we can stay more than the typical two-three hours, create special photo videos, highlights, a music video and even provide your event on a www web page.