Senior Ballot

Where are they now?

Best Dancers Sharon Hilsdon and Frank DeFeo
Best Musicians Paula Girolami and Larry Allen
Best Looking Susie Parnell and Roger Rhoades
Best Athletes Nancy Blackwood and Russell Washington
Best Artists Georgiana Kettler and Dave Walker
Best Dressed Ann Carpenter and Ronnie Shores
Best Known Couple Barbara Lowe and Joe Snyder
Best Actors Carolyn Martin and John Yadrick
Highest Scholastic Pat Bruce and Terry Jones
Jolly Good Linda Dobrinski and Terry Dally
Contributed Most Martha Phillips and Jerry Redd
Most Popular Bobbie Roberts and Joe Redd

By Senior Ballot, we voted to select the best classmates in various categories.  Click on your classmates name to see what they have accomplished since leaving Southeast.

Please note that the information and photos come from independent sources and the Reunion Committee takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this data.