Judy Gray (Van Egdom)
Education(Disclaimer. I don't look quite that good--you know the glamour shot thing--and I don't wear sequins and dangly earrings. My own son didn't recognize my picture. Thought I ought to paint a realistic picture if I do get to come to the reunion.)

M.A. in Professional Psychology, University of Northern Colorado l986 (almost 40 years old)
Professional LifeAdministrative Assistant for many years, even after grad school.

Have had a small private practice in counseling for many years, but mostly see indigent people and never made any money at it.

Worked in adoptions for five years doing relinquishment counseling for young mothers and home studies for couples wishing to adopt. About five years ago I moved into management, first with child abuse prevention and now I am Executive Director of a nonprofit adult day care program. I love doing the budget and grant writing-type stuff and then get to go out and visit with sweet older people who come to our center each day. Mary brings me sugar free chocolate every day, and fusses if she has to come to my office twice to find me; and Jill gives me quarters every day for my coffee (that all of us put in a jar and donate back to the agency). Couldn't ask for anything better, except more funding for our nonprofit.
Family LifeMarried Larry 36 years ago and we're still together. He was an Iowa farm boy and we met at college in Nebraska. We had a daughter, Susan,in l970 who lives in our town and is the mother of our two grandsons, Brandon and Brady. Then a son, Bob, in l973 who is a teacher in Ft. Worth, then a son, Jeff, in l979 who just got his Master's in accounting and is a CPA in California, and then finally a daughter, Jenny, in l981 who lives in Greeley now, as well, after completing college in TX.

My parents were murdered in l968 right there in my old house on 55th Street. It's always made Kansas City kind of sad to me and may be one reason I've never made it to a reunion before. I was always raising kids over a 28 year span, but I'm going to try to make it this year.
Hobbies & InterestsI like to read and search for topics of interest on the internet. When we all were in 5th grade, Kansas City had a special musical thing down at the City Auditorium, and I still love to sing. Our grade school, J.S. Chick, also had the girls take shop class for a few weeks in the winter. I can still wire a lamp if I have to. I can sew if I have to, but don't much want to.

Larry and I like to take our motorhome to the Rockies, and try for every other weekend in the summer. Where others travel days to get here and back, we can be home in 45 minutes.
Retirement PlansI imagine I'll work into my 70's. There are employees at Eldergarden, where I work, that are in their 80's. We met some folks who live in Maui 6 months out of the year and in a cabin in Montana the other 6 months. I doubt I'll ever do that, but one month a year in Kauai or Maui would be nice. Larry wants to travel full time in a motorhome, and I suspect that about one month is all of that I could handle.
Contact InformationJudy Gray VanEgdom
e-mail judy_vanegdom@hotmail.com
address 5714 W. 17th Street
Greeley, CO 80634