Virginia Greenlee(Carter)
EducationBS in Elementary Education from University of MO at Kansas City. 16 hrs. towards Masters in Elementary Curriculum Development with an Emphasis on Language Arts from UMKC. (Teaching college classes at the same time took priority over finishing my degree.)
Professional LifeOwned and operated The Sunshine School of Dance for 5 yrs. until it was destroyed by fire. Spent 25 yrs. teaching in various school districts. Was Department Manager for Dillard's at Bannister Mall for 5 yrs.(What a trip that was!) Was a consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics for 5 yrs. Homeschooled my grandson, Robert, last year.
Family LifeMike and I will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary next March. (Doesn't seem possible!!!) He is a Senior Consultant for Kepner-Tregoe, Inc., based in Princeton, NJ. We have two sons, Todd (33 yrs. old) and Ted (30 yrs. old). Todd is an Audio Sound Technician and manages a shop in Ottowa, KS. Ted is an Abstinence Education Consultant for the KS Bureau for Children, Youth & Families. Both boys are married. We have five wonderful grandchildren, Nathan (15), Robert (11), Sara Beth (7), Bailey Brianna (8), and Alex (3). (I love being a grandma!) My Dad, Mom, Brother, and Mother-in-Law have all passed away. My sister, Mabel, just attended her 50th Southeast High School Reunion last month.
Hobbies & InterestsTraveling, writing, reading, scrapbooking, photography, painting, and interior decorating. I especially enjoy researching the history of the places that Mike and I travel to. (And I hated history in school!)
Retirement PlansI didn't ever think that I would retire, but I did in 2001. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Mike's job has him traveling all over the US, and now I can go with him whenever it is appropriate. Right now, we are temporarily living in an apartment in West Orange, NJ until December. The year I retired we lived in Augusta, GA for two months. (Right down the street from the Augusta National Golf Course!) Life is exciting and full of surprises.
Contact InformationGinny Carter
20208 S. Bridle Lane
Peculiar, MO 64078
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PhotosI wish I had some photos to send, but I lost all of them in the fire that we had in 1981. I don't even have any of my year books. (Things that you just can't replace.)