Steve Hocker
EducationI attended the University of Missouri/Kansas City, then to Finlay Engineering College, ending with a BSEE. A chance meeting with the local police department in 1981 led me to join and after completing many hours at the Kansas City Regional Academy, I'm a certified police officer in Missouri.
Professional LifeStarted at Bendix Aerospace in the standards lab, then in 1978, changing to Kustom Electronics in Shawnee, KS. I designed police traffic radar systems. Today, I'm the Product Manager of the speed enforcement division. I've traveled throughout the world either as an engineer or testifying on equipment - my most favorite place is Australia - had a 2 1/2 week speeding trial down-under.

In my other job, I'm been a detective for the City of Belton, MO the past 6 years. 25 years as a reserve officer or detective. Lots of stories, lots of interesting times.
Family LifeI married in 1970, now divorced, with two grown children, one boy, one girl. Three grand kids, 2 boys 6 and 1, 1 girl 6. Lived in the Raymore/Belton (south of Kansas City)area since 1973. Have met a very wonderful person who enjoys the same hobbies and she loves to travel. Together now for 11 years. Built a house with property at Gardner Lake. Finally got my space.
Hobbies & InterestsI enjoy the normal hunting and fishing, but mostly flying. I got my pilots license in 1996 to help me over my fear of heights. Didn't really help, but enjoy piloting - the views are fantastic. Unfortunately plane rental costs keep the amount of flying down, but still enjoyable. Golf takes up most of the summer time.
Retirement PlansHaven't really thought much about it. Enjoy what I do with a speed radar manufacturer. Maybe one day. Will probably work after retirement - at least Debbie tells me
I will. Retirement was something old people did and now I can count on two hands the number of years before I do!
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