Jane Holt (Kopp)
EducationStarted out going to Metro Junior College in Kansas City but met the man I was going to marry (oops) and quit school to work and save for the wedding. Boy was that a mistake. Unfortunately never had an opportunity to return.
Professional LifeWorked 30 years for the Divison of Employment Security, started as a secretary and worked my way up to a Supervisory II position. Worked with federaly funded programs most of my career, starting with CETA and ending with JTPA, all job training programs for low income persons. My position in the training programs was eliminated so I transferred to the Claims section (better known as unemployment). I had a wonderful career and was able to meet many people and work in many different environments.
Family LifeI married in 1966, bought a house (where I am still living) had two wonderful children and divorced in 1972. My daughter Elizabeth has two girls, Tessa (17) and Codie (10) who are all currently living with me. It seems like you can never truly get rid of your kids. They just keep coming back. Elizabeth works for the library system where she has been for five years here in Independence and is trying to get on full time. My son David moved to Montrose, Co. nine years ago with his wife Debbie and their two sons Derek (15) and Dustin (13). My son and his family are very into racing and David raced on a dirt track near his home until this year and did very well, now he just works on Dereks car. Derek wants to get into Nascar racing and just might make it. Dustin works along with his dad as the pit crew. My daughter-in-law films all the races. I don't know how she keeps the camera still. The first movie they sent home was of my son crashing (be still my beating heart). I plan to visit them in a few weeks and hope to see Derek race. I also care for my mother who lives in Raytown. She doesn't drive anymore so I do all the usual running of errands and shopping etc. Keeps me very busy. Between the granddaughters and my mom I'm always on the run. We have a cat named Callie, a dog named Missie and two water turtles, one is a red bellied slider named Freddie and the other is a yellow bellied slider named Skittles. The turtles currently reside in an aquarium on my coffee table in my den. I spend many hours just watching those two chase each other around.
Hobbies & InterestsI love to read, paint/wallpaper, sew, garden (flowers not veggies). I also love to shop, but since my daughter and the girls moved back in with me I've had to curb that pleasure. I'm sure some of you know what I mean, my home is very small and it was fine when the kids were kids, but four females in the same household with one bathroom is not a pleasant sight. My mothers basement looks like one of those storage units but without the high cost.
Retirement PlansI retired at the end of September, 2000, with 30 years. My father was ill so I decided to just retire so I could help take care of him. Unfortunately he passed away just three weeks after I retired. But it was still a good decision on my part because now I have plenty of time to care for my mom and run after the grandkids. Retirement is truly the way to go.
Contact InformationMy new email address is FROGLOVER_RETIRED@earthlink.net