Sandra Kennedy (Towle)
EducationAfter high school,I got my proffesional degree in Cosmotology,here in K.C.Aladdin beauty college.
Professional LifeI have worked as a information assistant for Southwestern Bell.That was right out of high school.Then after I finished my beauty training I worked for Macy's Salon.I now have my own salon in Prairie Village Ks.Salon 95, 95th and Nall.
Family LifeI am married to Chuck Towle,a retired Chiropractor.We have been married for 9 years.He helps run the salon,along with our daughter in-law.Tammy Kampschroeder.We have 4 children.My 2,and his 2.We have 4 grandchildren,1 is mine.My children are Dana & Paul Kampschroeder.Both are married.
Hobbies & InterestsWe love to travel.In fact I keep a bag packed at all times.We collect wine and have been to lots of wineries.MO,CA,NM,& France.I excercize at Curves 3 times a week,and enjoy walking.
Retirement PlansI'm not sure when I will retire We are thinking we would like to move to New Mexico or California,when the time comes.
Contact InformationMy home address is 213 Tanner Dr.Belton MO 64012 E-Mail address is