Sharon Kilgore (Thomas)
EducationAfter graduating I decited to future my education by traveling and seeing this land of ours.
Professional LifeI had numerious jobs while traveling, I then decited to come home and settle down. I married Michael Hilfer who was then in the Army and off we went again. I later ended up back in K.C. and went to work for Jack Cooper Transport. I did everything there but drive a carhauler. I was there for 23 yrs. until I had to retire from a automobile accident in 1995. Thats kinda ironic to do all that traveling and come back to K.C. and have someone run into me.
Family LifeI married twice and twice divorced. From the second marriage I have a wonderful son, whom I named Chantz. He is 21 yrs. old now and my pride and joy. Both my parents are deceased,one brother was killed in Viet Nam and 1 sister died from cancer. the other 2 brothers and 3 sisters are fine..huge family reunions.. I am so looking forward to being a grandmother. Got to find Chantz a wife...
Hobbies & InterestsMy church and doing Christian work.
Retirement PlansI want to have lots of grandchildren around me to help with.
Contact InformationPhone#816-331-4306