Pam Phillips (Airey)
EducationAfter graduation I went to Jr College and received my Associates Degree in Bussiness.
Professional LifeI worked for a few years with TWA in the business office. I worked 18 years for IRS and I also worked at the Royals and Chiefs Stadiums for 10 years while working for IRS.
Family LifeI married Jerry Cox and had a daughter Carrie Ann who is now 41 years old, (Geeze I don't remember all those years just whizzing by.) I divorced and remarried Steve West and had a Son Steven who is now 35 years old (again where did the time go). I lost Steve in 1999 after 24 years of marriage to cancer.
In 2001 I remarried a very nice man from England his name is Patrick Airey.
Hobbies & InterestsI was involved with the PTA with the kids in school. And was still involved with the Rainbow Girls and Shriners. My son and daughter were both in the youth organizations affilated with the Shriners. I was my daughters Campfire Girls leader and also the 4-H Club leader for both of my kids.

My late husband and I were on the Board for The Rainbow Girls and on the troop commitee of my son's Boy Scout troop.

My daughter recieved her WOHELO medalian in Campfire Girls, she also recieved Outstanding Youth in all 3 age groups of 4-H for Clay County.

My son is an Eagle Scout, He was a State officer in Demolay Boys, and he too was the Outstanding Youth in 2 age groups in 4-H. Yes I am proud of my kids.

Now I am starting all over again I have a Grand Daughter from my daughter that is 23 years old and she has given me 3 adorable Great Grandsons. I have a Grand Daughter from my son and she is 6 years old.

My oldest Grand Daughter was in the top 40 for the state of Missouri and in the National Who's Who for the USA. She was on the Dean's List all 4 years of High School.

My youngest Grand Daughter is in the Dasiy Scouts a can not wait to sell Girl Scout Cookies this year.

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