Martha Phillips(Maccracken)
Professional LifeAfter a four year hiatus from Medical Social Work, I am now a Social Worker at Research Medical Center. I started there in May 2003. I get to see the Southeast High School tower every day when I come to work, and whenever I'm in a patient's room that looks East! I have even had patients that were either classmates or parents of classmates, so I always keep a Crusader in my offic so I can share pictures! This always gets a laugh, especially if I have our 8th grade Crusader!

One of the fun things that I got to do last spring, was to participate in our Adopt-A-Classroom Program that Research sponsors, at Blenheim Grade School. My department adopted the two first grade classes and the two special ed classes. The first time I went to the school was like stepping back in time. The office is where the Kindergarten room was, and that wonderful fireplace with the relief of various nursery rhymes is still there! I was immediately transported to sitting cross legged on the floor while Ms.Rose read us a story! It was wonerful! I took pictures of our last day of school there and showed the kids. I also took a picture of my mother's 7th grade graduation picture. The kids loved seeing those.

Hopefully, we'll get to adopt the same kids this year so we can follow them throughout their grade school experience.
Family Life
Hobbies & InterestsI've been married to my husband, Joe, for 9 years now, and our hobby is our sailboat at Lake Stockton. We've been sailing there now for 13 years and we still love it. We're members of the Lake Stockton Yacht Club, which describes itself as "A drinking club with a sailing habit!" Although we don't race, we do enjoy all the social events that they sponsor throughout the season.
Retirement PlansIf only! I'm pretty sure I'll be working for awhile, but with each birthday ( I celebrated one just recently), age 65 will be here shortly! I have to admit, I envy my friends with Medicare! Why they're still working is beyond me!
Contact InformationI can be reached on my home phone, which is 816-931-7098. If I don't answer, just leave a message, or if you want to sent contributions to my retirement fund, my address is:
4809 Holly, Kansas City, Mo., 64112!