Dennis Pickering
EducationBSEE Missouri University, Columbia, Mo.
and "School of Hard Knocks".
30 years in MN. Finally figured out why everyone I knew moved out, South...

Professional LifeAt Mizzou I fell in love with Computers (well programming them anyway). I joined IBM in Rochester, MN and spent a productive 25.5 Years there and took an early retirement buyout. Did I say "retirement" HA. See below.
I started Home Page Service, Web Development Company, 1993 and have been doing consulting ever since. It's a fun life but I hate my boss--Me! Ha! What a slave driver he is!
Various Programming, Business Software hosted on the Web. I have a hand full of Clients variously across the Country. In 1999, we sold our house and moved to Denver, Co, then Colorado Springs, then Dalla (Ft. Worth), then, in 2005, to Houston where we are now (2009)... because daughter and three grandsons are here.
Family Life(2009) I married my College sweetie, Patti and she has lasted 39 years with me. Our two children Cheryl and Jeff are grown and living Houston and Chicago respectively. We see Cheryl often and Jeff a couple time a year.
Hobbies & InterestsEvent Videography, wedding for awhile but mostly family events now. HD is great.
Also enjoy Digital Photography, Sound Recording, Ping Pong, Pool, and riding a motorcycle a little (and now none).
Cooking, especially "one-dish" meals. (Wife will eat anything I cook! Lucky I am.)
Retirement PlansAs of 1/2/2014 I'm semi-retired. I cut back to less than 1/2 and less responsibility. That may be how close I get. It was good for 11 days until I hit the curb with the new motorcycle and fractured an ankle. That'll slow ya down. Doing ok.
Contact InformationI maintain a very simple site where you can use "Contact Us" and it Emails me.

Facebook: yes as "Dennis Pickering"
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