Sherry Smith (McKnight)
EducationWon several scholarship grants and attended University of Missouri at Columbia for 1 semester before taking the detour of marriage and children.
Professional LifeAdministrative positions in a variety of industries, including 15 years in a family business.

(July, 2009) Administrator in a Presbyterian Church in Bluffton SC (apparently God will not let me work in a real, money-making job). I live in Sun City - retirement community with lots to do and hopefully much more when I finally retire. My home and job are just west of Hilton Head Island SC. Here the snow does not fall and the ice only forms in your freezer compartment! Winter can be cold but oh so much better than the midwest nightmares and the summer is much like KC. Next goal - a summer home in NC's Great Smoky Mountains!
Family LifeMarried for 12 years to Don Coleman. Three children: Lisa, Scott, Cynthia. Divorced in 1976, remarried in 1979 to George McKnight, adding three step-children to the mix. Divorced in 1996. My eldest daughter provided me with my favorite/only grandchild, Ryan (15). He is brilliant, athletic, and a lot like me! My son Scott (37) died unexpectedly on March 24, 2004. I am single at present, with one dependent, a 14 year old female Bichon.
Hobbies & InterestsMovies, writing, travel, scuba diving, dancing, family, volunteerism. Photos below.
Retirement PlansBest scenario: a wonderful man enters my life and we live a simple life in an ocean-side community. Hopefully, good health and adequate resources will enable me to re-enter the rewarding advocation of volunteerism.
Contact InformationSherry Smith McKnight
101 Captains Way
Anderson SC 29625