Laura Sortore
EducationWas enrolled at Warrensburgh, never made it, had a child instead...he's 39, but I'm like 40 so I don't know how that happened...lots of classes in this and that...
Professional Life I tried being a legal secretary, right out of high school, that was awful, since I had the child, I opened a day care...12 years ago, my former husband and I started an antique flea market store...I have done it by myself for 7 years...I just love it, and hope I have it for a long time..
Family Life got married, had a child, got divorced, had a wonderful time in the 70's, but ruined it by getting married again...then divorced, then I married him yet again, then I divorced him, for good....have been single for 7 years...have 3 grandaughters, twins 21, and an 11 yr. old.. and 1 great grandson, almost 1 yr. old.....Mother still living..brothers 2, sisters 3, all doing great..lots of inlaws...
Hobbies & Interests My passion is my store, I buy and sell daily, and am always looking for more stuff, I do estate buy outs, and have done several estate sales...I go to auctions weekly, does anyone need anything ???
Retirement Plans Retirement.. what does that mean??...don't want to ever stop, unless it is for a good reason, or a good man...
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OLATHE KS. 66061