Claire Stuart (Mooney)
EducationVery old news - Metro Jr. College
Professional Life11 years at CNA Insurance - KCMO, misc. years at Inter/Serv (social service agency) & Life Long Learning Center (social service agency) in St. Joseph, MO. 11 years for the State of MO Dept. of Mental Health, which I left in 1996 to be a full-time hillybilly in Southern MO
Family LifeMarried to Earnest for 15 years. I have 2 sons from my first marriage - Steve, 33, lives in KC; & Scott, 29 (who is the father of my grandson & granddaughter) lives in El Dorado Springs,MO. Earnie has 4 children & a bunch of grandchildren all of whom love to spend an occasional weekend in the country. My brother Dennis (SE class of '66)still lives in KC.
Hobbies & InterestsLet's see - we have 63 acres, 3 horses, 1 jack, 2 ponies & 1 mule, plus 50 chickens, 3 dogs & a few cats. We don't count the deer, turkeys & coyotes as part of our livestock, or the occasional armadillo. We have plenty of resident box turtles & more than one scorpion down on the old homestead. My theory is that if I plant enough flowers & herbs, we won't have to mow (although the horses do a pretty good job of that). We also collect everything!
Retirement PlansBeen there, done that, living the good life. Seriously, we're far from rich, but far from starving, so I'm living the life I believe I was always meant to live - in the country. We heat with wood - I seeded clover in one of the pastures today - we manage to stay busy. My only outside work is as a judge at the polls. This has been one of the busy years.
Contact InformationGee, maybe I should have read some of the others before I did this - took me long enough to decide to do it in the 1st place. E-mail me at, or snail mail to 1410 South Hwy. W; El Dorado Springs, MO 64744