Toni Westbrook (Sturgill)
EducationGood old Southeast High was enough for me. I had thought to take some college courses, but since I had no desire to ever "climb anyone's corporate ladder" and now I am too old, I got over it. However, you cannot function in the business world for long without attending a multitude of workshops and self-help seminars.
Professional LifeAfter graduation I started my work life as a secretary (thanks to all of Miss Mossman's hard work) with the Stokely Van Camp Co. After a couple of years I went to work for a downtown bank, but it was too stressful (thought everyone that came in the door was going to rob us). I was a secretary for the Biological Production office at Jensen-Salsbury Labs for several year's, and finally landed as a dispatcher for the Fagan Heating and Air Conditioning company for 15 years. Since 1989 I have been employed by Sprint as a long distance operator and presently as an Operations Clerk and hope to work here until retirement.
Family LifeI married in 1966 and had 1 child (Cindy) who is now 37, and I have 3 grandchildren. I divorced in 1976 and had 7 wonderful year's as a single mom. I met my next husband (Randy) in 1981 and married him in 1983 and now add 2 step-children and 5 step-grandchildren to the mix. Since all the kids are off on their own, that leaves me and hubby a whole lot of time to enjoy life and each other.
Hobbies & InterestsMy husband and I do a lot of traveling. He is an ex-truck driver and is ready to go anywhere at anytime. We try to take in a few gambling casino's wherever we go, just to liven things up a bit, so usually our vacations consist of trips to Nevada, Mississippi, and Colorado. Probably our most memorable trips were the ones we took to Alaska two years in a row. We did a heck of a lot of driving and slept in a tent along the way.
Retirement PlansHopefully able to retire from Sprint in about 7 years. We are restoring a 1964 greyhound bus for our future trips and retirement. We will become "bus nuts" when that time rolls around.
Contact InformationToni Sturgill