Fred Wissel
EducationUniversity of Missouri at Rolla, BS in Civil Engineering
Professional LifePrimarily Project Manager for 35 years with the Corps of Engineers

1969-1978. Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District

1978-1999. Corps of Engineers, Europe Division/District

1999-present. Corps of Engineers, Huntsville Center with the National Missile Defense program
Family LifeWife, Kathy who still is in (Frankfurt/Wiesbaden) Germany and I have been commuting three times a year since 1999 when my job got transferred to Huntsville.

Married daughter, Kaye with her husband and one granddaughter, all living in Los Angeles area.

Still have strong family ties to Kansas City area as parents and two of my three brothers and their families are in KC. Have gotten to visit KC probably fifteen times in the past four years because our Architect Engineer firm with the National Missile Defense program is Black & Veatch in Overland Park which is only minutes from my families’ houses.

Hobbies & InterestsIn earlier days, lots of softball, basketball and football as well as snow skiing. After moving to Germany in 1978, that became softball, skiing and sightseeing as I took full advantage of all the travel opportunities and have visited all the countries in Europe as well as climbed the pyramids, stood in Red Square, been on the Great Wall, had my picture taken at the Taj Mahal, been to the Wailing Wall, shopped in the covered bazaar at Istanbul, ridden a horse at Petra like Indiana Jones (III) etc.

However, in 1992 we bought three horses in USA and shipped them to Germany. That was the start of the beginning of the end for sightseeing and skiing. (A skiing injury some years earlier was the end of my softball career.) Since then the number of horses has grown and now totals 12. We ride (western) everyday, rain or shine, hot or cold, with German friends. After coming to Huntsville, I also horseback ride with friends in this area.

In 1997, I went on a 1,200 kilometer bike ride (in one week which is approximately 100 miles a day) through France and Belgium with 350 other riders to commemorate General Patton’s Third Army liberation of those two countries during WWII. That was the beginning of my serious biking career and I have ridden approximately 20,000 miles in the past 7 years on my road (skinny tires) bike.
Retirement PlansSince my wife and I have horses, we have considered opening a dude ranch out west, especially since she is from Gunnison, Colorado. Until we both get on the same side of the Atlantic though, that is only a thought although I am eligible to retire. We also want to travel some in the USA since all our travel has been in Europe, Asia and Africa as well as see our daughter and her family more often.
Contact InformationEmail: (home) or (work)
6620 Old Madison Pike, Apt 1209
Huntsville, Alabama 35806

“I am currently on temporary duty working for the Corps of Engineers’ Afghanistan Engineer District in Kabul, Afghanistan. This is the reason I will be missing the 40th reunion. We are supporting the U.S. military and helping to rebuild facilities for the Afghanistan National Army. I am the Program Manager for the Coalition Forces (mainly U.S.) at five locations and am responsible for designing and constructing facilities. I will send photos and status updates periodically to the reunion organizers. Have a great time at the reunion! I will be thinking about you, especially every time I walk into the single room I am sharing with two other guys.”

Wissel, Fred O TAC-Kabul []
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