Bob Wolf
EducationAfter a few semisters a UMKC I decided that cars and girls were more fun than school. But,I've been to many more classes and seminars than I can count and have recieved a fairly good education along with the street education that 17 years of being on the Raytown Police Dept. provided. Enough said.
Professional LifeI worked as an onion ring maker with John Leduc right out of high school. Those were fun days, right John? I didn't even have a car in those days. My Dad would come pick me up after work and immediately roll down all the windows in the car. Gee.. I wonder why? I've been a used car salesman, typewriter repairman (remember typewriters?) Police Officer, and finally a Xerox technician. I've done a few other things, but we better not get into that here.

Retired from Xerox 2005. I work part time at a car dealership just to keep up on all the new technical innovations coming out so that I may apply them to the 60's and 70's muscle cars that I restore.
Family LifeI met and married a great lady, Brenda, in 2003 that is the light of my life. I have four step children. One stepson and a stepdaughter from a previous marriage. My stepdaughter from that relationship died of cancer in 2008. I have two stepdaughters that are my wife's children. Great women who are both Navy Veterans. We have 5 grandchildren. Two boys and three girls. The oldest granddaughter is a teacher in the Ray-Pec School district. The others are still in School.
We have a great life and now that my wife is retired we get to enjoy each others company that much more. With two dogs and 5 cats there is never a dull moment around the farm.
Hobbies & InterestsI restore and rebuild 60's,70's and some 80's muscle cars. I have a 1969 Grand Prix that I have owned since 1970, a 1989 Pontiac Trans Am, and my wife has a 1972 Honda Z600 race car. We have another 1969 Grand Prix that will soon be restored. We go to car cruise's and shows whenever possible, usually every week in the summer.
I have restored or helped restore a number of muscle cars for family, friends and customers.
Retirement PlansDone! Yeah!


13721 S Gammon Road
Lee's Summit Mo. 64086