Duane Dawson
EducationBA in psychology from UMKC
Masters in counseling from UMKC
Professional LifeCurrently teaching full time at Johnson County Community College in the National Academy of RailRoad Sciences. Worked as an outpatient therapist in the mental health field for several years. Still retain my license as a professional counselor and thinking about starting a small private practice. Retired from the Federal Goverment as a civlian employee of the US Air Force.
Family LifeMarried 36 years to Jim Davenport's (class of 1964) sister.
Two children and one grandson. Daughter is a graduate of Avila University and works for Lab One. Son is a graduate of University of Mo. Rolla and works for Microsoft.

Hobbies & InterestsHave slowed down in recent years but was an avid snow skier and enjoyed motorcycle touring. Currently enjoy traveling via more conventional means. Usually make it to Seattle couple times a year to visit our son. Have traveled to Hawaii, Alaska, and Europe in addition to most of the lower 48. Would like to visit many other places.
Retirement PlansNot sure about retirement at this time. We will likely stay in this area for a few years but may move to a milder climate eventually. Certainly looking forward to that time.
Contact InformationRDD913@aol.com
16000 Birch
Overland Park, Kansas 66085